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As part of the PTIN renewal process, the IRS requires a Written Information Security Plan 

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"I seek to make others’ lives better. Life is filled with puzzles that I work to solve and that detective work is my go-to approach to removing your pain. Ultimately, I want to help others rise up and be self-sufficient."

- Ariel Sandell -  

Chief Cybersecurity Compliance Consultant | SECUREX   


Servicing HIPAA, GLBA, IRS, NYSHIELD and NYDFS | Certified in HIPAA + PCI-DSS + Healthcare IT Security Management + HIPAA Risk Assessment + HIPAA Disaster Recovery 

Ariel is a pleasure to work with, and his compliance package was tremendously valuable for our Firm. He is kind, honest, knowledgeable, and efficient. Ariel “gives it his all” to work with your team to alleviate the burden from them. Whether your expertise is accounting, technology, or both, Ariel does a thorough job explaining and providing what you need for your security + compliance. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”


- Benjamin Berger | CPA | Partner | Bernath & Rosenberg PC 

( Rated by Accounting Today as one of the "Top 150 Firms by AUM" ) 



Meet Ariel

Ariel Sandell is our Chief Security + Compliance Officer. He holds multiple certifications in cybersecurity and compliance including, CHITSM, CHSP and CPCIP. Ariel provides authoritative cybersecurity guidance for the healthcare and financial industries, with an emphasis on HIPAA and GLBA compliance. Ariel has been brought in as a Subject Matter Expert on HIPAA Security to mediate between two international corporations and an international health insurance company. He has helped accounting firms with GLBA Security Rule compliance and has worked with healthcare organizations of many sizes to train teams, created custom compliance plans, collaborate with HIPAA lawyers, and oversee implementation of the most current HIPAA compliant-practices and cybersecurity measures.

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