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Every CPA Firm Needs a Cybersecurity Plan


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Look out for PTIN renewal starting October and the IRS Security Requirements there. If you want to comply with the IRS​, we can help! Contact us for a free consultation.

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The GLBA Safeguards Rule requires you to conduct a thorough and accurate Risk Assessment, providing a basis for a detailed Information Security Program.

According to the IRS, the Information Security Plan that complies with the GLBA standards will also meet your IRS requirements for a data security plan.

Many times, CPAs who have healthcare clients, do need to be HIPAA compliant themselves. Your business must also follow the HIPAA Security Rule, which includes detailed mandates fro the protection of electronically stored, protected health information (ePHI). We help you assess and manage risk, and put your organization on the right side of the HIPAA Security Rule.

  • HIPAA mandatory Risk Assessment for Healthcare Providers

  • ​GLBA Security Rule Risk Assessment and Information Security Program for Financial and Accounting Services

  • Mandatory Security Training for Healthcare + Financial Institutions

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Every CPA needs to renew their PTIN number before the end of the year.

When renewing your PTIN, during the application, you will need to acknowledge your obligation to have a data security plan and to protect your customer information.


Meet Ariel

Ariel Sandell is our Chief Cybersecurity Compliance Consultant. He holds multiple certifications in cybersecurity and compliance, including CHITSM, CHSP, and CPCIP. Ariel provides authoritative cybersecurity guidance for the healthcare and financial industries, with an emphasis on HIPAA and GLBA compliance. Ariel has been brought in as a Subject Matter Expert on HIPAA Security to mediate between two international

corporations and an international health insurance company. He has helped accounting firms with GLBA Security Rule compliance and has worked with healthcare organizations of many sizes to train teams, created custom compliance plans, collaborate with HIPAA lawyers, and oversee implementation of the most current HIPAA compliant practices and cybersecurity measures. 

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