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"I seek to make others’ lives better. Life is filled with puzzles that I work to solve and that detective work is my go-to approach to removing your pain. Ultimately, I want to help others rise up and be self-sufficient."

Ariel Sandell - 


"As the Chief Security & Compliance Officer of Securex, I help remove pain relating to the compliance of HIPAA, GLBA, New York Shield, and NYDFS regulations from companies of all sizes. My inclination is to service my clients in 3 ways: Firstly, being that the industry and laws are really vague, I choose to meet and exceed the needs to help minimize your risk and avoid unnecessary and easily preventable pain. Secondly, I provide a solution that can be tailored to each scenario and threat. Lastly, everything I do is to help remove pain and worry, and as stressful as cybersecurity and compliance are, I will take good care of you." 

 -Ariel Sandell-

Cybersecurity Compliance Consultant | Servicing HIPAA, GLBA, IRS, NYSHIELD and NYDFS | Certified in HIPAA + PCI-DSS + Healthcare IT Security Management + HIPAA Risk Assessment + HIPAA Disaster Recovery + Certified Microsoft Technology Associate: Security Fundamentals